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Maui Sound Healing


Couples Sound Healing

Our couples sound healing is focused on opening the heart chakra and promoting communication to help strengthen relationships by creating spiritual bonding. We use a variety of sound frequencies and modalities including guided meditation, gongs, crystal bowls, Koshi chimes, rainstick, medicine drum, dun drum, chants and bhija mantras. Outcall services available with price based on location.

1 hour $150 - $200

Private Sound Healing

Our private sound healing sessions are designed to serve the specific needs of the individual. Providing personal care is our priority. After a careful assessment, we collaborate with the client and design a sound healing just for them. We incorporate frequencies, notes, mantras and instruments to support client's journey. Sound healing will include a guided meditation, gongs, bowls, Koshi chimes, rainstick, medicine drum, dun drum, mantra and whatever else might be helpful. We can even offer different types of energy and body work to help move the energy (not included in price). (Location and travel services available)

1 hour $100 - $150

Basic Sound Healing Package- Retreats

Our basic sound healing package is simple and effective. The simplicity and versatility can be used for outdoor venues or situations without electricity. Ideal for a small group. Our basic service includes a guided meditation, gongs, crystal singing bowls, Koshi chimes, rainstick, medicine drum, dun drum, and mantras. Price does not include venue. Includes 60 minute session. Please allow one hour to set up and 30 min to break down.

$250 - $400

Custom Sound Healing Package- Retreats

Highly recommended for all parties. Our custom sound healing takes things to another level. With the use of a sound system our carefully engineered soundscape incorporates isochronic tones and is powerful in assisting with the reconstruction of old, unwanted thought and behavior patterns. Additionally, amplification helps to distribute frequencies and subtle healing applications, effective with groups of 6 or more. This package includes two highly skilled and trained in healing practitioner musicians along with a wide variety of instruments, such as Tesla gong, Native American Indian flute, sarod, crystal pyramid, crystal singing bowls, crystal hand held bowl, guitar, Korg synthesizer, hand pan (raga tuning), Native American medicine chants, Sanskrit mantra, indigenous Invocations and binaural beats. Includes 1.25-1.5 hours depending on group size and location.

$300 - $600

Deluxe Sound Healing Package - Retreats

Want to make an impression? Our deluxe sound healing package is what separates us from all other sound healings. Previous clients constantly share that this sound healing is like no other. We begin with an interactive sound practice called kirtan. Kirtan is an ancient practice used to promote spiritual awareness and heart healing. Kirtan allows the listener to use their own voice to assist in the healing process. The journey continues on with our carefully engineered soundscape with isochronic tones used to heal ineffective emotional responses and thought patterns called triggers. We use all of the instruments and techniques described in our custom package, and we add violin, didgeridoo, Kundiyasa breath work, Planetary gongs (tuned in frequency of Jupiter, Mars and Venus) Tai Loi and Mother Tesla gongs placed in various locations to add dimension. We also included are 5 trained and experienced healing, musicians (based on availability). Please allow 90 minutes to set up and 1 hour break down.

$600 - $1100

For information on any of our premier services

please contact rasapriya@mauisoundhealing.com or call Sarah Sparkles at (808)281-8473