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Maui Sound Healing-From the the sacred land of the Hawaiian Islands a small collective of musicians gathers weekly to provide a unique space for musical healing and self reflection.  The Hawaiian word for family is "ohana".  One of the noticeable qualities of this collective is the love they share for eachother. 

Rasa Priya

Rasa Priya- A long time practitioner of bhakti yoga under the guidance of Srila Govinda Maharaj of the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, developed his love and devotion for kirtan and japa meditation in the Ashrams of Nabadwip and Vrndavan.  Returning from India, Rasa spent the next several years studying sarod and raga in the lineage of Ali Akbar Khan.  With this knowledge Rasa began sharing his unique style of kirtan on Maui and has shared his devotion at festivals including the popular Bhaktifest with kirtan band Jivatma.  He is currently studying Native American chants and shamanic dream work.

Prema Love

Prema Love-  Prema Love has been traveling the world for the last 13 years studying mantra and kirtan.  She has had the honor of singing for 3 of the Divine Mothers during their darshan.  Her music has been blessed by all three Divine Mothers, Amma the hugging saint, Shree Ma and Sri Karunamayi.  Prema's life mission is to help empower women and young girls by awakening their voice, singing, and connecting to the full power of the divine feminine shakti essence. 

Adesh Khalsa

Adesh Khalsa- Founder of Kundinyasa School of Yoga, Inspired Purpose Consulting and co-founder of Rooted Kava Bar, she leads 200 hr Kundiyasa (Kundalini and Vinyasa) teacher training based in San Diego.  Adesh has been featured on Fox 5 San Diego News as well as many other news outlets, including the Union Tribune for her innovative Kundiyasa yoga fusion, as well as her conscious bar model.  A dedicated yoga practitioner for more than 15 years and energy healer for more than 20 years, she has a natural gift for mantra and for facilitating altered states using sacred healing tools such as planetary gongs, sacred rattles and other healing tools.

Andrea Walls

Andrea Walls- A classically trained violinist who began playing at the age of 8 years old, is fluent in many styles and has studied Jazz, African, Flamenco, Salsa, Brazilian, Turkish and Indian classical music.  Andrea was drawn towards the study of Indian Raga because of it's healing properties and shares her knowledge and experience in sound healing.

Sarah Sparkles

Sarah Sparkles- A versatile musician, Sarah got her first training on the violin under the Suzuki method.  She than began her pursuit for her passion with classical piano.  In recent years Sarah fell in love with Indian classical music and began her studies on tabla under the guidance of Daniel Paul, a well known tabla player in the kirtan circuit.  Sarah also plays the dun drum, the tanpura, harmonium and crystal bowls.

Forest Hada

Forest Hada- For more than 20 years Forest has shared his love and passion for didgeridoo by performing and teaching.  Under the guidance of Yidaki, an Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo teacher Forest flourished and played with bands Lost at Last and Jivatma.  His Didgeridoo Playshops have entertained and educated children for many years.  During sound healing, many claim to have profound experiences as Forest bathes them with divine vibrations as they work towards balancing the chakras.

Joel Suarez

Joel Suarez- A gifted sacred dancer, Joel brings a certain tribal vibe and Polynesian flavor to the evening.  Joel is known for his raw passion and fluid beauty mixing both masculine and feminine energies in a truly poetic way.  Joel has performed for a number of events and dance companies all over and is sure to leave a pleasurable impression.