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Sound Healing Instruments

Planetary Gongs (Sun, Jupiter, Mercury frequencies) - Hemen Sarod - Crystal Singing Bowls 

Martin Acoustic Guitar - Riki Ram Tanpura - Harmonium - Om Wands - Shaman Medicine Drum

Koji Chimes | Djembe - Water Phone = Didgeridoo - Violin = Rainstick - Sensula - Rattles

Korg Synthesizer - Kartals - Mridangam - Dun Drum - Native American Flute - NVS Cello

Octagon Medicine Drum - Hand Pan - Native American Chants - Sanskrit Chants - Bija mantras

The experience of Maui Sound Healing is more than just love and light. Our intention is to awaken all parts of the self, including the shadow areas. The waterphone, also known as the ocean harp, is an esoteric and unusual instrument influenced by the Tibetan drum. Developed by Richard Waters in the 60’s, the waterphone is a type of inharmonic acoustic percussion instrument used mostly in movies and soundtracks.

Udaya Bryce is a multitalented musician trained in North Indian Classical music and has played kirtan for her spiritual teacher Ama, the hugging saint. Udaya brings her devotion and sensitivity to the service of others through her contributions in kirtan and sound healing.


Maui Sound Healing Tuesdays at 6:30pm, Lumeria 1813 Baldwin Ave

Adesh Khalsa is the Founder of Inspired Purpose Consulting  ipcrealsolutions.com, original Co-Founder of Rooted Kava Bar rootedkavabar.com, and Kundinyasa School of Yoga where she offers 200hr Kundinyasa (Kundalini & Vinyasa) Yoga Teacher Trainings in San Diego.  A dedicated yoga practitioner for 17 years, and energy healer for over 20 years. She has a natural gift for mantra and facilitating altered states leading people through other worlds utilizing planetary gongs, sacred rattle, ukulele, handpan, and medicine songs.  The gong traces its roots back to the Bronze Age around 3500 BC. The term 'gong' traces its origins in Java and scientific and archaeological research has established that Burma, China, Java and Annam were the four main gong manufacturing centres of the ancient world.  Maui Sound Healing with Adesh Khalsa and Sacred Sound Healing provide a deeply rich opportunity to go deep into the self.  Her sacred gong work is like no other. 

 Indian classical music is considered as one of the prestigious ancient arts, which is existing since the age of ‘Satayuga’. In all the sacred epics – Rig-Veda, Sam-Veda, Purana,  Upanishads  etc.,  it has been clearly stated that the people used to have explicit interest in music; thus could maneuver their attitude towards satisfaction, tranquility, and other positive vibes. In almost all the countries, music has been the source of worship,  as it expresses and connects you to one’s  religion or GOD. In India, we visualize our Gods holding Damroo (percussion instrument) and Goddess Saraswati holding Veena (string Instrument), which symbolizes that Music had always been a sacred means of Worship and relaxation or

meditation. Worship, meditation,Yoga – all these nomenclatures share a  similar concept, as all of these implies soulful, calm mind, optimism, knowledge, and enlightenment.The most important element in Indian classical music is Nada (pronounced as ‘Naad‘) i.e., Sound. Nada is basically a Musical sound, which involves melodic or aesthetical sound. Sound or Nada is the basic element of the entire universe, as it denotes the emergence of expressive utterance.  Discussing the excessive suitability of Nada as a means for Mukti or liberation from materialism, Sharangdev in ‘Sangeet-Ratnakar’ extols the relative greatness and facility of Ahata Nada, produced by striking or friction of two objects.